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On the day after Thanksgiving, November 26, 2010, shortly after at 11 AM, Gus ended his earthly journey. He was 15 1/2 years old. He gracefully lived many lifetimes in one, with many families and extended families. He loved, was an empath for, a friend to, and was so loved by so many people that they are too many to list - they know who they are. The last of his great admirers was Lucia, whose very first word - at one-year-old - was "Gus." And the last friend he played with was "Big Ed," a eighteen-week-old Chihuahua. He will be missed and fondly remembered for his openess of spirit and his friendliness to all.




Hello. I am Gus the Dog. I live in the town in a cooped up condominium where you can't even poop outside in the common area. The Alpha Dog told me I have a sister who ended up in an apartment in New York City. I have never been there but I think this is almost as bad.

Plus there is no carpet on the floor to lie on. The floors are really hard and you can't pee or barf on them or you get in BIG trouble with Susan who is another Alpha Dog I live with.

It wasn't always this way. I used to live in the mountains where you could walk on trails and poop wherever you wanted without having to wait for The Alpha Dog to put on his shoes and take you for a walk. There was a soft carpet there that you could lie on and lick. Sometimes I dream about living on a nice soft carpet.



At the time I lived in the mountains, the bad part was that I had to live with cats.





The best part of living in the mountains is trails. I like the way trails smell!



This is one trail which the Alpha Dog still takes me to walk on sometimes. As he is VERY FOND of reminding me, I wouldn't know how to get there by myself or, if I did, how to get back to the condominium.



Speaking of the Susan Alpha Dog I need to say that she gets EXTREMELY pissed off at me sometimes (especially when I lick you-know-where - she always tries to make me go in the bathroom to do that) so in case she reads this I should tell you that she always gives me treats. I love the way she smells. One time she and the Alpha Dog took me on a trip with the top down way up in some different mountains.





That's her on the left - that's the Susan Alpha Dog! She is really amazing. Many years ago when we first moved in with her she used to give me tons of ham and turkey but now she just gives me biscuits after I go out anywhere.



One of the places the Alpha Dog takes me for walks is at the locene. It's really "The Ocean," but he calls it the locene all the time. That's when he is talking down to me, thinking he is talking beta dog talk. I have to say, which the Susan Alpha Dog says as well, "what's up with that?"

He always wants me to go in the water, but he threw me in there one time so now I don't like it so much.



Once when I was walking on a trail minding my own business a big white homeless beta dog came up and started biting me. I fought him pretty good but he hurt me under my eye and so the Alpha Dog took me to the place where they put their fingers you-know-where and got a lamp shade that I had to wear for about five years.


One time three or four years ago I went with the Alpha Dog and the Tisa Fay Alpha Dog to the desert. They made me climb up on a bunch of sand dunes. It was too big a walk.

Speaking of cats, a few years ago some moved in right next door to us at the condominium. Just what I needed! Plus they let them run around in the common area without leashes and POOP ANYWHERE THEY WANT!




So, I don't have a lot more to say. It's - you know - a "dog's life," as they say. But I'm really crazy about the Alpha Dogs I have, and things could be a lot worse.

Bye for now!


PS - I made this web page about a gazillion years ago. Since then I already went to Mexico - they took me down there in the green car - I must say it was a little depressing finding out how big the world was. It was too hot down there. Plus I couldn't understand what any of the other beta dogs were saying. The 2 Alpha Dogs including Susan were making a house down there. I had to have surgery. They can have it as far as I'm concerned.

A few years later the Alpha dog took me on a big truck he was driving. I pooped in seven different states. I didn't like it that much because it was really noisy and we never got anyplace - we just kept going. I couldn't see anything because there weren't any windows in the back which was the only place there was room for me to lie down. I do have to say that the Alpha Dog had a carpet in there. But the floor shook all the time.

Plus it was too high a door and I couldn't jump in or out so the Alpha Dog had to lift me. That was really humiliating. I met a little cow that scared me in Colorado. He breathed on me. That's about all I remember.

Now we live in another condominium that has an elevator. The Alpha Dog thinks that I think that it's some kind of huge mystery how you get in the elevator and the door closes and then when it opens you are not where you were anymore. But I get it, ok?

I do have to say that this condominium has really hard floors but the Susan Alpha Dog bought me this big soft bed I can lie in. She got it in the beta dog store which they don't even care if you take dogs in there up and down the aisles and stuff.

So the Alpha Dog is always trying to tease me and trick me and stuff. This one time we got in the elevator on the second floor which is where we live and instead of pushing the first floor thing so we could go down for our walk like we always do, the Alpha Dog pushed the third floor thing thinking I would be all weirded out or something when the door opened and we were in some other strange place. There are only a couple of fancy Alpha Dogs that live in these big pent house places up there on the third floor. They probably have rugs on the floor and everything. Anyway one of the third floor Alpha Dogs was standing there waiting for the elevator when the door opened. My Alpha Dog got really weirded out. As the Alpha Dog Susan said, "what's up with that?"

I'm too old now to go up and down the stairs, and I don't chase balls that much anymore. I do dream about them sometimes. The Alpha dog hasn't taken me to the mountains in about a hundred years. Anyway, That's all for now.

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