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Winter Field in Pennsylvania

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The first category among these newer photos includes those taken on a trip to San Francisco with my Granddaughter Mira in 2006. A devotee of cinema, she had just discovered the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo, and wanted to visit the locations where it was filmed (e.g. The Mission San Juan Bautista, Old Fort Point).

Nearly all the rest of these photos were taken between January and July 0f 2007 while I indulged myself the fantasy of becoming a truck driver. Some of the photos are in Arizona (Taliesin West, Sedona) where I did my classroom training. Then I was off coast-to-coast for six weeks with my trainer Dave. It was such a thrill seeing so much of this great country, which I so love. For every photo here, there are ten I couldn’t take because we were moving and there was no place to stop along the road. Big rigs are not easy to park. And for each of these, ten more were thrown away because they were too blurred, or the dirty windshield got in the way.

Lots of the pictures east of the Mississippi are taken on the fly from the passenger seat out the window while Dave was driving. I wish I could have been more precise in labeling some of these – for example that spectacular river along the I-40 could be the Arkansas, but I’m not sure – we were back and forth on that road so many times, it’s a blur, as are some of the shots.

After my training, I never got any further east than Oklahoma City, so all "Out West" category were taken after I went solo. No more taking pictures on the fly. These big trucks are hard enough to handle with both hands on the wheel.


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