Sheldon Brumbaugh

July 20, 1904 - March 22, 1948

A Tribute to my Father




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Sheldon (R) and his father Jesse Franklin Brumbaugh of Corvallis, OR circa 1936


Sheldon Brumbaugh - Bio

Sheldon Brumbaugh was born in South Dakota on July 20, 1904. His parents, Jesse Franklin and Ann moved to Corvallis, Oregon when he was in his teens. His faher was a professor of psychology, law, and philosophy at Oregon State College.

Sheldon moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon in 1936 and joined the architecture firm of Perrin and Associates. Perrin was contracted to remodel my mother Catherine Gaylord's portrait studio in the First Federal Bank Building on Main Street in 1940. They married in 1941. He opened his own office in the Tower Theater Building in 1943, and moved is office and studio to the Pine Grove School June 16, 1946. He died of a heart attack March 22, 1948.

Sheldon Brumbaugh and Family Photos


Sheldon's parents Jesse Franklin and Ann


Sheldon's mother Ann (standing), his father Jesse (R), me and my father Sheldon and Sheldon's sister Madeline (L)


Me (in high chair) with my grandfather Jesse (L) and my father Sheldon


Sheldon's Father J. F. Brumbaugh


J. F. and Ann Brumbaugh's home on Jackson Street in Corvallis, OR


Sheldon's Mother Ann

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A pencil Sketch of my father by Wade Pipes in 1943


My Father Sheldon (R) and his Father Jesse

My father caught in the untypical behavior of cherry picking (my mother said she never saw him dressed without a tie)

My Father and my Mother, Catherine - My First Christmas!

My Father and me in Arizona circa 1946


My Father and me in Arizona circa 1946


Sheldon Brumbaugh Architecture

The following article appeared in the journal Progressive Architecture in October, 1947